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Allow only one question in your mind during vacation

Allow only one question in your mind during vacation

in Executive Coaching, High-performance, Mindset

You’ve been waiting for so long for your summer vacation and what you probably find yourself doing is keep your mind occupied with questions to be answered and problems to be solved regarding your business or your work.

There’s no need to do this right now. Take your time and enjoy it. Stop asking these questions. Then, one day before you go back to your normal routine, have a 1-hour meeting with yourself with only one topic in your agenda. To answer the question “What do I want from your business / career?”

If you do this, then you will figure the answers for all the other questions you have in your mind, trust me.

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Valentina Kordi

Valentina Kordi is an international Motivational Speaker, Author and a Mindset & High-Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Teams committed to help Entrepreneurs, Executives and Management Teams to unleash their best professional self through developing a high-performance mindset, so that they reach their top professional and business goals.