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New year’s resolution: What’s the trap you should avoid

New year’s resolution: What’s the trap you should avoid

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There’s something about new year’s resolutions. Everybody feel obliged not only to set goals for the coming year, but also to set goals meaningful and attractive to their professional or social circle. Instead of asking themselves what kind of success they desire to experience, they actually put themselves in their peers’, manager’s or even competitors’ shoes and set goals according to how success would look to them, according to their why those goals would worth pursuing.

That’s why there’s no need to wonder why so many people drop their effort to achieve the goals set after a couple of months and they either forget totally about them or they keep finding excuses why they haven’t done anything about them yet.

But you don’t want to fall into this trap! If you’re going to set goals for the new year, focus on what you really want for your career or your business. What is meaningful for you to achieve? How can you set your goals in a way that talk authentically to your heart, in a way that you really care to achieve me?

Remember, it’s your professional life and the progress you need it see in it should be according to where you would be happy and excited to see yourself, not where the others would like to see you!

Happy authentically successful New Year!

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