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What does your procrastination cost you?

What does your procrastination cost you?

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What does your procrastination cost you?

Deep within you know you could do so much more, if you wouldn’t let this “I’ll do it later” part of yourself take over.

In periods like this one, that you’re probably about to leave for summer vacation, you are really under extreme stress, because you try to finish all those tasks that you’ve been procrastinating to work on for so long.

And now, you realize that it would be better if you had left excuses aside and you had focused on finishing your tasks in time avoiding all this stress, guilts and not seeming to be trustworthy and professional to the others, who expect the results of your work.

Is your procrastination worth sacrificing your progress, your success, your status as professional/businessperson and, above all, your serenity?

If the answer is no, then change it! It’s totally up to you. You’re just one decision away. Make it today, not tomorrow…

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