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Does feeling fear equal you’re not strong as a leader?

Does feeling fear equal you’re not strong as a leader?

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A feeling that not only you’re not supposed to show you’re feeling to your team or people you do business with, but you’re not supposed to feel at all, if you’re a successful businessperson or a top-level manager, because it can hurt your powerful image.

Well, this is one of the most suppressing beliefs you might hold. There’s not one person in the world, no matter how powerful or successful he or she is, who doesn’t feel fear, when he or she is about to do something big or unknown or is in front of a sudden change.

Fear is part of our human nature, so don’t try to deceive yourself you’re not feeling it. On the contrary, admitting you’re afraid is very courageous and actually this is the only way you can find the real reason behind it, deal with consciously and decide on the action steps you need to make to handle the situation you’re facing.

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