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Why do we make other people’s life at work, so hard?

Why do we make other people’s life at work, so hard?

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Going back to those times, when I was working as an employee, I remember myself asking very often: “Why do we, people, do this to each other? Why do we make other people’s life at work, so hard?”

People go to work every day, most of them, because, they have to and others, because they enjoy doing something they love. But, in both cases, they have daily hard times with their colleagues, their supervisors or employees. Instead of focusing on what they are there for, they turn their workplace into a battle field.

Their goal becomes proving who’s right and who’s wrong or getting their own ideas or proposals to be heard and put into action, instead of their colleague’s. And even worse, they make it their life’s purpose to exterminate the «enemy». To make his or her life so difficult at work that will make the decision to resign and become the loser of this «war».

Now, really, is this the environment you want to spend almost half of your lifetime in? If your answer is no, then do something about it! And you don’t have to ask me how. You already know the answer. Start with your attitude towards others at work.

Are you the employee you would like to work with, if you were your supervisor? How many times, do you make his or her life difficult, just because…? So, if you do this, change it!

Are you the colleague for the others, you would enjoy working with? Do you show your appreciation to what they do for you daily, even the small things? Do you say, «thank you», like you would like to hear it from them, too? Does your body language show that you respect them?

And if you’re the leader of a team, the manager, their boss, call it as you like it, do you care for them? Do you really pay attention to their needs? Do you listen actively, when they talk to you? Do you show your gratitude for what they do for your business, your department or your team, or you take their work for granted? Do you respect the fact that they might have a different point of view, or you become sarcastic, when you don’t hear something you like from them?

You see? There are so many things you can do to improve everybody’s life at work, including yours. Just remember that you are all human beings, with feelings, worries and, sometimes, fears hidden behind your reactions. Become aware and acknowledge them, but don’t use them against each other. Don’t let yourself act being in a constant brain threat-response state. Use them with the purpose to find the best way to collaborate and create a place in which you will be able to have a good time while contributing positively to the world, through your work. Life’s too short for fighting in unnecessary battles!

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