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Valentina Kordi in the 8th School of Tourism in Kalamata

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On the 20th of November, 2018, Valentina Kordi participated as a guest speaker in the 8th School of Tourism in Kalamata, Greece.

The School of Tourism is a 100%, voluntary, non-profit initiative with the aim to provide to the industry of tourism continuous learning and development.

The event took place from 19th till 21st of November, in Elite City Resort, in Kalamata and gathered around 500 highly interested participants.

Valentina Kordi’s speech was about “The Mindset of High-Performance at Work: How not to just do your job, but excel in it!”

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Valentina Kordi

Valentina Kordi is an international Motivational Speaker, Author and a Mindset & High-Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Teams committed to help Entrepreneurs, Executives and Management Teams to unleash their best professional self through developing a high-performance mindset, so that they reach their top professional and business goals.