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Comparison is a thief of focus

Comparison is a thief of focus

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How much time do you spend daily, comparing yourself as professional to the others? How much time do you waste in thinking about your competitors and how successful they are in comparison to you?

Don’t waste your time and focus doing this! Comparison is a thief of focus. Mind your own business, instead. Focus on your next steps and keep looking straight ahead, where your goal is, without turning aside to compete your work to the others’. You are unique and so is your work. Just invest everything you’ve got in doing the best you can. This is what will give you the competitive advantage, anyway.

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Valentina Kordi

Valentina Kordi is an international Motivational Speaker, Author and a Mindset & High-Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Teams committed to help Entrepreneurs, Executives and Management Teams to unleash their best professional self through developing a high-performance mindset, so that they reach their top professional and business goals.