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Stay human all week long, not only during the weekend!

Stay human all week long, not only during the weekend!

in Executive Coaching, Self-development

Striving for professional success, we often neglect our true nature and staying aligned with our basic human needs. We follow other people’s advice on how we should behave, talk or even think as professionals and we put ourself into a role-playing that most of the times has nothing to do with who we are as personalities. And we tend to believe that if we want to become successful, we need to follow this path, even though we feel deep inside that this contradicts with our needs we desire to satisfy as personalities and with our values. “Success has a price”, we often think and try to convince ourself to believe it, as well.

So the least we do to balance this, is to give ourself permission to be, who he or she authentically is, only during the weekend. “Personal life is totally different from professional life”, you often state. But in both, it’s still YOU living them, the same person. That is why, when you are not yourself, when you’re in your professional role, you often sabotage your effort to reach your goals, or even if you succeed in this, you don’t feel joy and happiness, having reached there. So, find the way to serve your career in a way you still remain your authentic self. After all, what is the value of success, if it’s another person experiencing and not you? Stay human all week long, not only during the weekend!

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Valentina Kordi

Valentina Kordi is an international Motivational Speaker, Author and a Mindset & High-Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Teams committed to help Entrepreneurs, Executives and Management Teams to unleash their best professional self through developing a high-performance mindset, so that they reach their top professional and business goals.