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Waste less time being being disappointed and invest it in taking action, instead!

Waste less time being being disappointed and invest it in taking action, instead!

in Executive Coaching, Motivation, Self-development

You feel you’re stuck in the middle of your way to success. You don’t see the progress or the results you desire and this makes you disappointed and disempowered to do any task, because you look at the top of your goal, where you’re not at the moment. Taking time to give yourself all the reasons why you are disappointed is a waste of time! How can this help you in practice? Do you find disappointment an effective way to motivate yourself? I don’t think so.

On the contrary, this is a way to stop yourself from taking any further action, as subconsciously, you tell him or her that it’s already a losing game and you’re wasting your time working on it. So, why bother putting any effort in it? In addition, you present yourself as a weak person, who stops fighting, when obstacles appear and also as a person, who has given the control of the future of his or her success to an external factor, being unable to make decisions or do whatever it takes to achieve his or her goal, because the destiny has already decided that what you want, isn’t going to happen. Now, really?

Invest this time instead in taking action for your goal. Focus on now and here. What can you do this moment, even something small that can move you forward? Do this! This is how you will see results. How can you reach the final destination, if you don’t work for the in-between necessary milestones?

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