Executive Coaching

Unleash your best professional self


Maximize your potential as an executive and build a confident and assertive presence that matches your authentic self, so that you get on top of your goals.

Work with Valentina within a space of trust in which you focus on what is important for your development, on your goals and challenges. You rediscover and enhance your leadership skills, increase your self-awareness, and define actions
to reach the successful outcomes that are
important to you.

Together with Valentina you go deep to the roots of your issues, explore beliefs and desires, work to build the most effective mindset for you, find solutions, and take conscious decisions to achieve your objectives.
This is how you achieve success in practice!

Valentina Kordi mostly works with:

  • First-time leaders: Top-performing executives who were promoted to a leader’s role and face the challenge of leading a team for the first time. Valentina Kordi helps them feel confident in their new role by discovering and implementing the leadership style that will fit their personality and motivate their team to reach their highest potential.
  • Experienced executives and entrepreneurs: Professionals who want to take the next step forward in their personal development by gaining a clear vision of what exactly they want to achieve, overcome the mental obstacles they’ve placed in their own way and achieve high performance to reach professional success.

Results you get from working with Valentina Kordi:

• Overcoming the doubts you have about yourself and whether you’re good enough, although a high-performer, and build a strong and confident executive presence, so that you get the opportunities you deserve in your career, as you will reflect the trust needed to the decision makers that not only you possess the technical skills needs, but also the assertiveness and the resilience to make it to the next steps of the hierarchy ladder.
• Getting yourself out of your comfort zone and stop being a victim of habits in the way you operate your business, so that you take it to the next step of development.
• Stop sabotaging your effort on succeeding in the goals you set, and you eventually fail by addressing your own mental failure factors and replace them and develop a winning mindset.
• Obtaining a clear vision about who you want to be as a businessperson, so that you avoid choices and actions that keep you away from experiencing a happy and fulfilling professional life.
• Improving your communication with your team, so that they get clear messages from you about what they are expected to do, you delegate tasks that get completed successfully and you don’t end up end up doing all the work yourself that doesn’t leave you the time and energy to work on the tasks you should as part of your role.
• Stop constant procrastination in working on my tasks, so that you finally see progress on the goals set and you reach the desired outcomes.
• Growing a productive and effective way of thinking, so that get exhausted by overanalyzing and overthinking information that reflect mostly your fears and insecurities and don’t let you become your best self in your professional role getting the results you want and collaborating smoothly and effectively with your peers or your team.
• Becoming aware and control responses and behaviors that are triggered by other people’s criticism at work that cause you to appear unprofessional and harm your confident presence as a businessperson.


1 - MEET

Discuss your needs, goals and challenges.


Using her Self-Leadership Mindset for Motivation assessment and various other tools, such as personal interviews, 360° assessment, workplace shadowing and other methods, Valentina Kordi collects the necessary information.

3 - PLAN

Set the desired outcome and design the right plan according to your unique and authentic self to propel you to success.


Start weekly Skype or in-person coaching sessions using the most effective coaching tools for your development.


Assess the program’s progress and make adjustments, if needed, to maximize impact.

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