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As a mindset and high-performance coach, Valentina Kordi partners with entrepreneurs, executives and organizations to reach their business and professional objectives. Having developed a unique process, the Self-Leadership Mindset for Motivation ©, she also created the following coaching programs. Each program is entirely customizable to meet each client’s engagement toward the desired outcome, through a process that discovers and reveals a client’s authentic self, values, and motives, while coaching them through a personalized path, to make success inevitable. For them.


To maximize your potential as an executive, you must be a genuine leader, which means knowing yourself.

To successfully motivate yourself and others to perform at high levels and reach their goals, you must think, act, and communicate according to your unique values and human needs. Through her unique process, the Self-Leadership Mindset for Motivation ©, Valentina Kordi helps you identify your motives to satisfy your human needs, build the most effective mindset for leading yourself and others and coaches you to excel in your professional goals and to align the way you present yourself with how you communicate with your team. A coaching program for first-time leaders or for leaders who want to take the next step forward in their personal development as leaders overcome the mental obstacles they’ve placed in their own way and achieve high performance to reach professional success.

Valentina Kordi mostly works with:

  • First-time leaders: Top-performing executives who were promoted to a leader’s role and face the challenge of leading a team for the first time. Valentina Kordi helps them feel confident in their new role by discovering and implementing the leadership style that will fit their personality and motivate their team to reach their highest potential.
  • Experienced executives and entrepreneurs: Professionals who want to take the next step forward in their personal development by gaining a clear vision of what exactly they want to achieve, overcome the mental obstacles they’ve placed in their own way and achieve high performance to reach professional success.

Frustrations Valentina Kordi often hears about from clients before they work with her:

· I feel overwhelmed with this new responsibility to lead a team. I know how to achieve high-performance results for myself, but I have no idea how to motivate a team to reach them.
· Although I'm a high-performer, I never feel good enough or confident about my results.
· I need to take my business to the next step, but I’m afraid to move out of my comfort zone.
· When I set a goal, I manage to sabotage my effort and eventually fail.
· I don’t have a clear vision.
· I get overwhelmed and overly stressed working with my team. They don’t seem to understand what they are expected to do. So, I end up doing all the work.
· I constantly procrastinate in working on my tasks.
· I tend to overanalyze and overthink everything and this results in wasted time and energy that finally exhausts me.
· Other people’s criticism at work triggers responses and behaviors that cause me to appear unprofessional.

The Self-Leadership Mindset for Motivation process eliminates those frustrations and helps clients obtain their most effective mindset: one that will enable them to reach their goals with confidence, ensuring that they will continue thriving in their career or business.


1 - MEET

Discuss your needs, goals and challenges.


Using her Self-Leadership Mindset for Motivation assessment and various other tools, such as personal interviews, 360° assessment, workplace shadowing and other methods, Valentina Kordi collects the necessary information.

3 - PLAN

Set the desired outcome and design the right plan according to your unique and authentic self to propel you to success.


Start weekly Skype or in-person coaching sessions using the most effective coaching tools for your development.


Assess the program’s progress and make adjustments, if needed, to maximize impact.

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