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Unleash your best professional self


Give your audience the gift of a life-changing experience that can be the starting point for their professional success.

Ideas and knowledge are to be shared. There is nothing more satisfying for Valentina Kordi than seeing people realize that just a change in their mindset can change their whole life. This is why she loves speaking and communicating live with audiences.

​From in-house company events to conferences and open events, she’s committed to generating the best outcome for your event. Some of the topics—your suggestions are also welcome—she can speak on include:

• Your vehicle to success: How to make your dream possible
• Employees Motivation: Back to Basics!
• How to build a resilient mindset
• Building a resilient mindset in challenging times
• Motivation: It's in your mind!
• Time to make businesses more human-centered
• No time, or no time management?
• Employees Motivation Done Simply!
• Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace: Successful implementation through mindset change
• Professional Vision: Reaching Success with One Question as a Guide
• The Art of Self-Leadership: How to lead your mind and succeed in your goals
• Don't just do your job, excel in it!
• Procrastination: How to win this mind game!
• Effective Leadership
• Effective Conflict Management: It takes two to tango!

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