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Your vehicle to success: How to make your dream possible – Valentina’s TEDx talk

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Mindset and High-Performance coach Valentina Kordi talks about that one element that can become our vehicle to achieve what we desire in life even if we live in a world focused on limitations and obstacles that make big dreams impossible. Her personal story acts as inspiration on how anyone can overcome prejudice and biases about what they can do or not and be who they want to be in life.

THE MINDSET OF A WINNER | The 3 essential elements for succeeding in challenging times

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In this video I”m sharing with you the 3 most essential elements of the mindset of a winner. As we have started entering the re-opening phase, that we all know it’s going to be a pretty challenging phase. Having a winner’s mindset and get in the field to play and win against the challenges is really of vital importance .

Don’t get in the trap to focus on what you don’t have, to move forward, or on what you can’t do.read more →

Before you complain, think!

What separates successful people from the others is that they know exactly why they do what they do. They don’t just go to work and come back home with the belief that this is what all people do and this is how life goes.read more →

Why you do what you do?