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Tailor-made team coaching programs to assist your management teams at important stages with the collaboration of your team members, the direct responsible and HR, so that we achieve the desired results with lasting effectiveness.

Creating a space of trust and respect to different personalities, in which every team member is able to speak out and share different perspectives, gain awareness and develop competencies, Valentina helps you build a happy high-performing team, with every manager acting with self-motivation and personal missions get aligned with the company’s mission, so that a two-fold successful result, which included individual success and team success, in achieved, as the programs are a combination of one-to-one coaching sessions with each manager and also group sessions and workshop with the whole team.

This program is also ideal for successful management change implementation in the workplace, internal company brand adoption by employees, building a corporate social-responsibility culture, or for promoting organizational sustainability culture.

Valentina Kordi mostly works with:

Sales and management teams who want to work effectively and be productive and happy high-performers while successfully contributing toward their company’s management-change implementation in the workplace, internal brand adoption by employees, corporate social-responsibility culture implementation or corporate sustainability strategy implementation.

Results you get for your team from working with Valentina Kordi:

• Unleashing your team’s high potential, by transforming the mindset that holds them back into a growth mindset focused on opportunities and solutions instead of limitations and problems.
• Keeping your team’s morale and motivation high, while implementing a change in your organization.
• Ensuring the commitment and the contribution of your team for the successful implementation of a new corporate sustainability strategy in your company.
• Resolving continuous conflicts within your team that force you to constantly to play the role of “referee” and create instead an environment of trust and positive collaboration among your team members.


1 - MEET

Discuss your needs in building an effective team, goals and challenges.


Using her Self-Leadership Mindset for Motivation assessment and various other tools such as personal interviews, 360° assessment, workplace shadowing and other methods, Valentina Kordi collects the necessary information for your team.

3 - PLAN

Set the desired outcome and design the most effective tailor-made plan for building the most effective team in your company.


Implement the methods and tools selected (sessions, workshops, etc.) to reach the desired outcome.


Assess the program’s progress and make adjustments, if needed, to maximize impact.

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