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What if…?

What if…?

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Yesterday, it was a national holiday in Greece, and as it was a rainy day, I spent my time at home reading, watching a movie, listen to some relaxing music, and devoting some time also in doing absolutely nothing as a process to connect more deeply with myself through silence.

At some point, I made the bad choice of reading the daily news about covid-19. The cases have increased rapidly in many countries, some of which decided to go into a second lockdown.

Suddenly, I caught myself being driven by the negative influence of my worries about what’s going to happen in the form of “What if…” questions. The level of my stress rose that high that I was sort of breath.

At that moment, I stopped, and I reminded myself of a phrase from a movie I’ve watched, and I use when I want to return myself back to the only period of time I’m able to see in practice what is really happening and decide what I can control; The present! And that phrase is “Stop focusing on “What if..?” and focus on “What is…?” After all, the only way to influence our future up the level we can control is by doing the best we can, right now, this moment.

Stop worrying about what if you won’t be able to meet the expectations of the career opportunity you’ve been given, your plan fails, you won’t make sales because of covid-19 and focus on WHAT IS it that you can do NOW to give this career chance, your plan, your business an extra opportunity to make it through and succeed!

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