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Your worst enemy for your success

Your worst enemy for your success

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I often hear my prospect clients telling me about all the challenges they’re facing, at the moment, that make it difficult for them to become the successful entrepreneur, manager or leader they desire.

Most of the reasons they present have their roots to external factors. Their employees who don’t care enough for their work, friends or family who aren’t supportive, means or resources missing to achieve their goals.

The more they talk about it, the more painful it becomes to them and they feel that they will never get where they want. But, from my point of view, what they miss to see is that their worst “enemy” is not all those external factors that keep them away from success. It’s their way of thinking that acts at their expense. Having too many expectations from others, or putting the blame on something or somebody else, will never get them to the next step forward that they desire.

And if you do the same, consider if this “Everybody is against me or not helpful to me” mindset really helps you succeed or acts at your expense, too.

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Valentina Kordi

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