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Is lack of support the real reason you don’t get the results you desire?

Is lack of support the real reason you don’t get the results you desire?

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One of the biggest obstacles you put to yourself is the belief that you haven’t achieved what you want so far, because you don’t have the support you need from other people, while others do. And although this might be something that you’re convinced is true, and might be up to a point, maybe it’s time you looked at this from another perspective and examine what does this belief causes to your route towards success.

You see, the results we get are totally dependent on the way with think about them and also on where we focus on during our effort to get there. Thus, if you strongly support the idea that the reason for not having the results you desire till now is the lack of help or support from other people, you make external support the Nr. 1 factor of your success and you set yourself as a supporting factor to it, although in reality is vice versa.

You can’t expect, for example, from your friends or social circle, to bring you customers at your door and make this the main way of finding prospect clients for your business. Yes, referrals do count, but what do you do to get them? Do you use the typical, ineffective way of saying something like “If you know anyone interested in my products or services, will you please recommend me?” Because if you do that, then you hand over the responsibility of increasing your customers’ list or sales to the person you’re requesting this from, and you just wait for the miracle to happen. Well, how possible is that? And how often can this happen? Maybe once in a while.

On the other hand, if you act from a position of having the complete ownership of your results, then you don’t wait. You act! You use any valuable information you have, you use 100% of your potential and you make sure you do what’s possible to achieve your goal, with no excuses. This attitude also enables you to focus on the process and on moving forward, instead of focusing on what you don’t get from the others or on how unlucky you are, which actually creates a negative reaction to your mind making it reluctant to work for your goal as you present it as something impossible to happen, because the core factor of succeeding is missing.

No one owes you anything! You owe to yourself getting your business where you desire it to be or having the career you dream about and be happy and fulfilled in your professional life.

Focusing on what others don’t provide you, puts you in a state of helplessness and self-pity. It makes you weak! Are you weak? I don’t think so. Take back the ownership of the results you desire. Count on yourself, your skills and all the passion you have within to succeed. You owe it to yourself and you CAN make it happen!

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