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Mindset Coaching workshop at Eureka S.A.

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On the 16th and 17th of November, 2018, Valentina Kordi coached the administration employees and Management Team of Eureka Hellas S.A., in Volos, Greece, in a 2-day Mindset Coaching workshop.

Eureka Hellas S.A. is a leading company producing detergents, bleaching agents, insecticides, air fresheners and drainpipe cleaners, part of EUREKA Group of Companies. Eureka Hellas S.A. consider their employees the most important factor of their growth, the driving force of their business and the determining factor of their success. Therefore, they invest in their employees’ personal development and in creating a positive workplace environment to work in.

During the first day of the workshop, the participants learned tools and methods they can use to create a happy and high-performance mindset at work, according to each one’s unique personality. They also became aware of those mental obstacles they have created that block them from reaching their fullest potential, while filling happy and fulfilled.

During the second day, the Management Team learned how to have effective performance management conversations with their team members. Through role-playing they learned how to help them positively handle the feedback they receive by their managers and use it, in order to increase their performance and productivity and contribute in reaching the organization’s goals.

The workshop was conducted in a fun and pleasant way, containing role-play, experiential activities and plenty of exercises.

«When a workshop finishes with smiles and hugs, then something went very well. Thank you, Valentina Kordi», stated Eirini Sotiripoulou, Head of Human Resources Department of Eureka Hellas S.A.

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