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Rejection is just a point of view

Rejection is just a point of view

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How many opportunities have you missed, because you’re afraid of rejection?

You didn’t make that calls you wanted to the prospect clients, because you believe that they would reject your offer.You didn’t ask for what you wanted from your business partner, because you think he or she would say “no”. You didn’t share the idea you have with your team’s leader, because you believe, he or she would reject it.

But, how do you know for sure? What you believe is only an assumption. You will find out, only if you go on and do it! After all, rejection is just a point of view. Even if you get “no” as an answer, it’s not personal, it’s not about you! The person, who said “no” might have a different need to satisfy than what you’re offering, or sees things from a different perspective. And that’s all.

Therefore, you can change your approach, you can improve what you offer, you can do many things, but what you shouldn’t do is being afraid to say what you want to say. Because, then “no” is guaranteed. And in this case, the only person, who rejects your goals and dreams and blocks your success, is you! Do you want to do this to yourself?

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